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All of us have the capability and capacity to make a real difference in the lives of those around us.There are so many ways to give. We can give back to our environment – to clean beaches and deserts, to care for trees and to be kind to all inhabitants on our earth.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum January 2017

EWS-WWF joins His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan in urging the population to join hands in making a difference to the conservation of the UAE’s majestic natural heritage. Aligned to the Government’s 3 pillars, at EWS-WWF there are lots of ways to give back.

Social Responsibility
Engaging colleagues or customers through the many features across one of our Corporate Membership Programs

Green Volunteering
Supporting our science-based Research Conservation initiatives through partnership. Connect to Nature education programs, and Citizen Science field research

Serving The Nation
Contributing to the overall work of EWS-WWF across many disciplines, graphic design, technology, legal, marketing and public relations, administration and data analysis

Join us as a member of the exclusive Mohammed Bin Rashid Global Centre for Endowment Consultancy (MBRGCEC) Environment Endowment Fund - A sign that demonstrates your company’s contribution to the long term vision of the country and gives privileges for your organisation with Government of Dubai as per the directives of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai.

As the only Federal Environmental NGO we are rooted in the spirit of ‘giving’, supporting the legacy of the Founding Fathers to work towards a sustainable future for the UAE and its people.

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What business target could be better than saving our planet? What brand value could be more respected than investing in a sustainable future?

We believe in the power of companies to be the species that help, and depend on your support to implement our work.

By helping EWS-WWF, and pooling contributions towards local initiatives with other forward-thinking organisations, your assistance goes much further— all around the globe, in fact — to make a real impact on the world our children will inherit.

Explore the opportunities below and choose how you want to make a difference.

When you join EWS-WWF’s Corporate Membership Programme, you become part of the solution.

Your company assists us in addressing the UAE's most pressing issues around climate change and energy, marine and terrestrial conservation, and wildlife trade.

When companies clearly articulate support for environmental and social issues, reputational and bottom-line benefits will follow.

With Customers*


of global consumers believe companies must operate responsibly to address environmental and social issues, and do more than just make a profit.


of global consumers are more loyal to companies that support environmental and social issues.

With Employees**


of staff say it’s important employers provides them with hands-on activities around environmental responsibility.


of employees say their job is more fulfilling when they are provided with opportunities to make a positive impact on environmental issues.

*  2015 Cone Communications & Ebiquity Global CSR Study
** 2016 Cone Communications Employee Engagement Study

EWS-WWF provides resources to help our members become more ambitious in their sustainability journey, address environmental CSR goals, and gain public recognition! These may include:

  • Employee engagement activities designed for UAE companies
  • Local volunteering and environmental field trips
  • Exclusive branding and communication benefits
  • Educational talks from our experts for staff, clients or the community
  • Sustainability business guides
  • from basic green retrofitting to advanced monitoring and reporting and creating an engaged team of sustainability champions
  • Networking opportunities with other like-minded organisations
  • Many other resources and benefits!

"The Corporate Membership Programme continues to bring us in touch with a community of like-minded progressive businesses, each striving to create environmentally sound practices. This partnership also resonates with our customers, who appreciate our company’s commitment to sustainability."

- Lekhu Pagarani,
Choithram’s Chairman and Goodness Strategist

Join EWS-WWF as a Green Panda, an event partnership initiative based on unique activations themed around local sustainability issues – a new approach in the UAE.

We will tailor events for your company, linked to environmental days or themes close to your values. By targeting stakeholders or the wider community, Green Pandas are able to take action creatively, raise awareness, and have some fun! This partnership offers innovative ways to also enhance your company’s profile as doing its part for our planet.

Together we can make a difference!

Did you know our waters are home to some of the most remarkable marine creatures on the planet? Endangered marine turtles, dolphins, dugongs, sharks and whales, not to mention stunning coral reefs teaming with life. Yet so much of it is being threatened – partly due to the UAE’s rapid coastal development and industrial growth

Your business has the opportunity to make an impact, preserving the UAE's marine species and environment by partnering with EWS-WWF. Economic development is vital for every business. By working together, we can make sure it doesn’t come at the expense of our environmental heritage.

Why sponsor Marine Conservation?

As a partner, you will have unique benefits, including the opportunity to sponsor your own Green Turtle! Supporters may be able to attend come on marine research field trips with us and have access to regular updates, as well as to communication tools and stakeholder engagement resources exclusively designed around UAE marine themes.

Over the past decade, EWS-WWF has implemented numerous successful and groundbreaking marine conservation initiatives. No other organisation shares our combination of local and global expertise. Together we can achieve even more and show the world what’s possible.

There are oceans of opportunities.


Historical heatwaves and severe winter storms that recently battered the UAE and Gulf region are stark reminders that our climate is increasingly chaotic due to human activity.

While businesses are responsible for a large portion of carbon emissions causing global warming, they are also positioned to champion solutions. With ambition and progressive thinking, we can rise to the challenge of ensuring a sustainable and profitable future.

As the government continues looking towards a post-oil future, there’s never been a better time to shape future policies that will complement economic growth and sustainability. We need the UAE’s most innovative companies on board to create these solutions.

Why the UAE's private sector needs to play a role in climate change solutions:

- The private sector accounts for 38% of all electricity and 19% of all water consumption in the UAE (EWS-WWF, 2016);

- In 2014, the energy sector accounted for 80% of all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, with 35% directly coming from the power sector (Ministry of Energy, 2016);

- While the UAE's total carbon emissions are small on a global scale, per capita emissions are five times the world average, with the private sector contributing a great amount of our emissions.

Why sponsor the Climate Change & Energy Programme?
Partnering with EWS-WWF, your organisation can take real action by supporting local initiatives around climate change risks, energy/fuel efficiency and increasing renewable energy.

In return, our partners have the opportunity to get involved with us in a wide range of activities, from ground-breaking regional research, to stakeholder engagement, speaking and networking events, insight on market expansions, as well as branding benefits positioning your organisation as a leading champion for sustainability in the UAE.


Take action as an individual

Diversity makes Earth a living planet. To us, the
diversity of our volunteers skillsets helps us grow
and fight for a more sustainable world.

Give back
to the earth

Join the movement for a more sustainable
UAE. Make a difference individually.

Adopt a speciesAdopt a species


The Planet wants you to evolve into the species that helps, and the best way to achieve that is by joining our volunteering team. We’re always Organising different activities, and your support will help us make a big difference.

Below are the different ways you can help:

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